Upcoming: NetMcr #5, 10th November

Hello everyone,

NetMcr #5 will be going ahead as per the usual ‘2nd Thursday’ schedule! We’ve already confirmed a talk by Marek Isalski, whom has gracefully agreed to talk about the Internet’s “Naughty Step” (we can’t include the avoid the original name for this talk, as it’s somewhat rude!)

As per ususal, we’ll be occupying the upstairs room of the glorious 57 Thomas Street, starting from 19:00. The first talk is generally at 19:30, so do get there with enough time to get settled.

There is also the usual Lanyrd event page for you to keep a track of the evening’s agenda as it develops, and to indicate your attendance.

Of course, we’re still looking for someone to fulfil a few extra talk slots, so raise a hand if you’d like to give short & informative talk. You don’t need to be an expert, nor do you need to have previous experience of giving talks to a large audience – we’re a well behaved bunch, and maintain a strict code of conduct. Any topic related to Networking will be well received and appreciated. 🙂